May 29, 2015.   Jenna Stobbe is the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Scholarship Recipient from Hinsdale South.  This is a $1500 annual scholarship renewable for 4 years. this is the fourth year of the scholarships’ existence, but the first year it was offered to Hinsdale South, and Jenna is the first winner from here.

Excerpt from the scholarship presentation:

Kelli Joy O'Laughlin Scholarship Recipient from Hinsdale South Jenna StobbleToday, Kelli’s foundation is pleased to recognize an outstanding young woman at Hinsdale South who reflects our Kelli’s spirit of both doing good and doing well.  This person has definitely lived up to that phrase, seizing opportunities to do her best, whether on the court, in the classroom or with her family & friends.  She has given unlimited hours volunteering whether outside the emergency room making sure people are comforted when they just arrive or lining up the food at the local food pantry.

She seems to share Kelli’s demeanor and outlook on life, when she wrote, “Helping and caring for others brings joy to my life.” This young lady is a very loyal, caring person that will put others ahead of herself.   She is a great listener and non-judgmental which gave her the opportunity to be a peer mentor.

Kelli Joy O'Laughlin Scholarship Recipient from Hinsdale SouthJust like Kelli, it was important for her to listen, understand and help resolve conflicts among people.  Kelli knew how important it was to be non-judgmental and to show the love and kindness in resolving conflicts.

This was very dear to Kelli on how she impacted others and the way she would spread “JOY” around the world.  This is important to Kelli’s Family and to the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Foundation that this years recipient understands the importance in keeping Kelli’s memory alive by spreading “JOY” and helping others whether it is as simple as lining up food at the food pantry or as intense as building a home.

This year’s Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Scholarship Recipient from Hinsdale South is Jenna Stobbe.

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