Saturday July 25, 2015.  The KJO Scholarship Reception was hosted by John and Brenda O’Laughlin honoring recipients from the 2014 and 2015 graduating classes.  The Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship recipients and their parents were invited to attend this event.

The KJO Scholarship Reception brought together recipients from Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale South, Lyons Township High School, Nazareth Academy, Fenwick Academy and Benet Academy.

This reception was held on the rooftop reception space at the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital.  This is a beautiful healing facility for families with children undergoing treatment.  During the evening volunteers provided tours of the new facility.

The point of the KJO Scholarship Reception was to introduce the recipients to one another to be able to share their stories, where they plan to attend college as well as what they will major in school.  It was also important for the Foundation to get to know the young adults on a more personal level.   John spoke about the scholarships, and some upcoming events that we hoped everyone would keep in mind.

Well Raised.
Beneducato, an Italian word that literally means “well educated” in the academic sense but also “well raised” or “well brought up” in terms of a person’s character.  It’s a great compliment because it reflects positively on the individual AND the individual’s parents/family.  We feel this is an apt description for the recipients of this scholarship!

In the future, the foundation would like to hold this event at a location which will accommodate all scholarship recipients starting from the first class of 2012 going forward.   We look forward to getting all of our recipients back together again!

Here’s a link to all KJO Memorial Scholarship recipients for 2015 and pictures


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