Introducing Ryan Feeney – Track & Field and Cross Country Man!

Ryan’s a remarkable young man who embodies the spirit of kindness, compassion, and leadership – the same values that defined Kelli Joy O’Laughlin’s life.

Like Kelli, Ryan excelled academically with a 3.98 GPA and demonstrated a commitment to athletics through cross country and track. But it is his compassion and dedication to helping others that truly resonates with Kelli’s spirit. 

The Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship Foundation has now awarded 101 college scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Ryan’s award marks the first of six scholarships to be awarded to the Class of 2024, continuing the foundation’s mission to honor Kelli’s memory. Embodying that same spirit of service, Ryan has been an integral part of the Peer Mentor program at Northside College Prep.

As a Peer Mentor, Ryan has helped guide and support freshmen during their transition to high school. His advisor Katherine Mathews praises his leadership abilities, describing how “Ryan radiates kindness, positivity, enthusiasm, ease and leadership.” She recounts how he steps up, leads meetings, and cultivates an inclusive environment where all students feel they belong.

Kelli Joy spread joy by inviting lonely students to her table and helping those in need worldwide with her Kiva account. Her spirit lives on in those like Ryan who lead with compassion and make their communities better places.

Pictured below, from left to right, Mr. Feeney, Brenda O’Laughlin, Ryan Feeney, Mrs. Feeney, Melissa Douglas, and John O’Laughlin

Please join me in congratulating Ryan Feeney, an exceptional Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship recipient. May his achievements inspire us to follow Kelli’s example of spreading kindness and joy.