Since the inception of the KJO Memorial Scholarship in 2012, we have awarded 88 scholarships with a total value of $659,500!

The above total includes the class of 2021, we offered 5 scholarships with a total value of $42,000!  

Scholarship Information for 2021 Available here!

Scholarship renewal information:  All must maintain a 3.0 (out of 4.0) GPA to renew their scholarship in subsequent years.  Please send a transcript to cpeach100 at

See the links below for information on the schools and recipients.

Class of 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2019 Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2017 Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2015 Scholarship Recipients

KJO Scholarship Reception in 2015

Class of 2014 Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2013 Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2012 Scholarship Recipients