The 2022 KJO Memorial Golf Outing was held on the first Monday after Memorial Day, June 6th at George Dunne National Golf Course.  As shown above, this is the first time we gathered the 2022 KJO Memorial Scholars together in one place!

We were fortunate to have 28 foursomes participate this year!  The average foursome finished in just over 4 & a half hours so that’s a good pace! We thank everyone who participated including our sponsors, our participants, and our volunteers together we raised over $36,700 for the foundation!

Morning at the golf course

The festivities should have kicked off at 10:30 with check-in, practice driving range, and practice putting.  However, the weather had a different idea.  There was light rain for most of the morning, but the weather services all showed that it should clear around tee-off time.  So we moved our check-in from the front of the clubhouse to the big tent where we have dinner after golfing.

Before the rain fully stopped we held our Split-the-Putt contest.  This is a FUNdraiser for our foundation.  To enter you purchase a numbered ball from us.  The idea is everyone putts at once, and anyone who makes the 20-foot or so putt, splits the pot with our foundation.  For the first time ever, we had two winners make the putt!  You can see for yourself the light rain we all endured during the morning.  Don’t worry the rain soon stopped!  Each winner received about $350 for their putting efforts!

A great start to the day!  Take a moment to enjoy our 21-second video on our Splitt-the-Putt.

On the Course

We delayed our tee-off time about 30 minutes, as the sky was clearing and the last few drops of rain were falling, off our golfers went!

We had two FUNdraising opportunities on the course again this year.  The first is a tradition at our outing, the compressed air golf ball cannon.  For a small donation, the golfer uses the cannon instead of driving on the Par 5 first hole.

Videos of Golf Ball Cannon

Our second FUNdraising opportunity was the Marshellow Drive Contest. 


This contest is a bet between foursome members on who can drive the jumbo marshmallow the farthest!  The longest drive from each foursome splits the pot with the foundation. We had a special guest serving up Marshmallows, Blake the Kid Chef! Here are a few pictures.





Here’s a picture of when the sun finally came out and started drying out everything, making it steamy!

See the end of the post for a picture of many of the foursome.

After Golf we have dinner, where more people join us for the evening and the awards for the golfers.  For the second year, we were fortunate to have all the 2022 KJO Memorial scholarship recipients attend with some of their parents.


Stay tuned we’ll be publishing videos of the recipients introducing themselves from the golf outing.

Here are some of the big winners from the outing the low-score foursome and the high-score foursome.  The low-score foursome gets to keep the Kelli Kup till next year. The high-score foursome gets individual trophies!  For the second time, the Kelli Kup is headed to Linked In for another year, to the same team that won it the first year!


Here are all the photos of the golfers “on course” we captured!