We awarded the final KJO Memorial Scholarship of 2022 to Sarah Tauber of Hinsdale South HS. 


The value of this scholarship is $1,800 annually, renewable for 4 years. All recipients must maintain a B average in college.

As shown above, Sarah received the KJO Memorial Scholarship at Hinsdale South HS.

Sarah will attend the University of Illinois in the fall.


Sports and Activities in High School:

Sarah was a four-year member of the varsity soccer team serving as team captain her senior year. She also played club soccer since third grade, so we see how dedicated she is to her sport.  Sarah is involved in Key Club, National Honors Society, Best Buddies, and Ambassadors. She also works with special needs students.  Sarah worked with a number of community organizations during her high school career including a service trip to Lincoln, IL.

Highlights from the Essay:

Her essay discusses two examples of compassion. The first talks about her first experience coaching soccer for five-year-olds.  She discusses how it’s not really about soccer at all at that age more about fun and teamwork—keeping the kids together and having fun.  

The second example was her senior year when she was a staff aid for a special needs class.  She worked with the students several days each week helping them learn life skills.  Helping them become more independent was satisfying, but really she says she gained more from the experience by learning patience thinking of others, and best of all making great friends in these classes.

Highlights from the Recommendations:

Her soccer coach describes Sarah “has an amazing commitment to community and school pride as an active member of various school clubs and activities including the Na9onal Honors Society, Key Club, Best Buddies, and the Ambassadors program. Sarah also volunteers her 9me outside of school with Special Olympics, in addi9on she has helped with the local food drive. She is very dedicated to her own success and the success of her school community.”  

Her coach goes on to say “Sarah is a peer partner in her physical education class which is a selec9on-based class where students work with students with disabili9es. She was chosen to participate in this class because she is a good leader and works well with challenging people or situations. She is patient, kind and understands her role as a mature guide to a few students who need more attention. The students that she works with look up to her and know she is a great role model. I have seen Sarah interact outside of class, in the hallways, or at special Olympics events, and the connection is remarkable. She has truly made a positive impact on many people’s day and lives at our school.” 

We heartily welcome Sarah to the family of KJO Memorial Scholars!  Congratulations Sarah!