We awarded the third KJO Memorial Scholarship of 2020 to Scott Miklosz of LTHS.  


The value of this scholarship is $2,000 annually, renewable for 4 years. All recipients must maintain a B average in college.  This is a category 2 scholarship.  

For more information on the scholarship requirements and award values, please see our information page here. 



Sports and Activities in High School:

Scott was a four-year varsity member of the Track and Field team and a two-year member of the cross country.  Scott is also a proud Eagle Scout. 

Highlights from the Essay:

Scott discussed his involvement in his church and how one day he met an older parishioner when he delivered flowers from the church.  He returned a for a few weeks, upon his return for the fourth time he found his friend in bed.  While happy to see Scott, the gentleman told him that he was not long for this world and at peace with his transition.  Not surprisingly that was a bit of a shock for Scott. This gentleman passed away three days later.

Here are Scott’s own words about this experience:  “I thought about his life and the short blip that I inhabited in his long timeline of accomplishments and joys. Little did I know that the compassion that I showed him in his last few weeks had such a huge effect. I visited his wife after the funeral and she confided in me how my visits had brought so much joy. Just talking to him and genuinely caring about him, filled up his heart with love just when he needed it the most.” 

We love this because this shows no one knows how long they have here in this world.

Highlights from the Recommendations:

Here’s a quote from the wife of the gentleman from his essay:  “Scott is an extremely unique person. His ability to see where service is needed and act on it is inspiring. The compassion he demonstrated to my husband and me during the last weeks of my husband’s life was surprising for his age.  If awarded the scholarship, Scott will go out into the world and use his talents, gifts, and education to exemplify Kelli Joy. 

We are happy to add Scott to the ranks of KJO Memorial Scholarship recipients for 2020. Congratulations!