We awarded the second KJO Memorial Scholarship of 2020 to Caroline Doyle of Fenwick HS.  


The value of this scholarship is $1,500 annually, renewable for 4 years. All recipients must maintain a B average in college.  This is a category 1 scholarship.  

For more information on the scholarship requirements and award values, please see our information page here. 



Sports and Activities in High School:

Caroline was a swimmer and played Water Polo for Fenwick HS for three years.  During the summers she was a day camp counselor at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana.  Kelli Joy O’Laughlin attended Camp Tecumseh summer camp for six years and enjoyed every minute!

Highlights from the Essay:
Caroline’s essay is about Camp Tecumseh and her roommate camp counselor last summer.  Her roommate was from the Canary Islands, who decided to come to Camp Tecumseh to experience a completely new environment.  Caroline found a way to make her feel more at home, as she was so far away from her roots.  A simple Toy Story blanket brought joy happiness and comfort to her roommate.  Her description of this in her essay says much for all of us, ” I often think back on this moment, and it reminds me that serving others is always the right thing to do when I am faced with the choice of reaching out to someone in need or taking the easy path and not helping them. We are all called to care for our brothers and sisters, and to serve God through his children. Being compassionate and caring can be demonstrated in small ways but is important, impactful, and worthwhile.”

Highlights from the Recommendations:

“She is respected by her classmates and by the faculty for friendliness, thoughtfulness, and a sense of compassion. Caroline is considered a leader in her class, more for her commitment and care for others than for a “cheerleading style” of leading. She has a wide group of friends but I have also observed that she reaches out to others as well.”

“I am very familiar with this wonderful scholarship and share the pride we all have at Fenwick in the previous winners. Caroline fits into that group. I strongly recommend her for your consideration.”

“Love–properly defined–is wanting the best for the other, the beloved. Caroline shows her family members, her friends, her teachers, and her mentors just how much she loves them through attentive listening and an active desire to help people to find happiness. She exhibits similar kindness and warmth to people she has just met. We’ve all had engagements with people with whom you could find yourself in conversation for hours, and it seems like just minutes; people with whom you would rather not look at your watch for fear that your next responsibility might take you away from them. Caroline Doyle is one of those people.”

We are happy to add Caroline to the ranks of KJO Memorial Scholarship recipients for 2020. Congratulations!