June 27, 2012

It stills seems like yesterday, since you were taken from us Kelli!

Things have not changed since you left us!  Ribbons are still on the trees, cups are on the overpasses, dedications are still occurring and fundraisers are still going strong!

You have lit the way for so many people to make a difference in life just like the light that someone put on your grave in the photo!

It is truly amazing how you have impacted the community in such a positive way!  I wish I could say I am so proud with what everyone is doing, but Kelli I cannot lie I wish I could turn back the clock and have you back in my arms!  I miss shopping with you or getting our nails done together!  It is not the same, but I must continue to move on!

Unfortunately, court was today on your eight month anniversary and the outcome was not good!  Kelli it made me so sad to know what you went thru and how you spent your last minutes with this perpetrator.

Believe me when I say that the “COMMUNITY” is not going to let this Perpetrator win!  We are going to be strong and make the surrounding community the strongest that it has ever been!

People have not forgotten you!!  Kelli you were more amazing than a parent could ever have imagined!!  I would always tell you how proud I was and I remembered the night before you were taken from us you asked me “Why do I like Watching you play tennis”.   My response to you was because I was proud on how you have grown and carried yourself on the court!

I must say, “I am more proud on how you carried yourself off the court”!!

You have shown people that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what you wear or what you like that all anyone really wants is to be loved,

Kelli that is why there are still fundraisers, ribbons still up (but being replaced by crocuses to come up around Kelli’s birthday) cups still up, t-shirts for sale, bracelets for sale, dedications still going on etc.. because of the way you treated everyone!

You treated each and everyone the same way that you wanted to be treated!!  You treated them with Love and respect!

You truly have been an inspiration to everyone of us!

Baby all I can say “I am so proud of you!  Love you more than you can imagine and thank you for showing the Community that all anyone really wants out of life is to be wanted and Loved!!

Miss you more than ever!!  You will always be my little Pumpkin!

Love MOM