Kelli, 9 months and I think about when you were in my womb!  I felt like I was in heaven during those nine months as it was totally different then when I carried your brothers and sister.  It was such a joyous moment!  You had a father who truly cared and couldn’t wait to see the arrival of his new son or daughter!  He was so proud when you were born Kelli!  It was now the perfect family, two healthy beautiful sons and two daughters!These past 9 months I felt like I have lived in Hell!   I did not think our life would be this way!  Not when you do everything you are suppose to!  Kelli,people say you will always be with us and that you are in heaven making a difference!  I’m sorry that is hard for me to believe!  As I sit and watch the Olympics tonight without you Kelli! I think of how you missed your opportunity to shine as an athlete, a teacher, a doctor or just a friend or daughter!

Then I received this email today which read–

“But just know, your daughter’s memory will always remain alive in people’s hearts and minds – certainly with anyone who had the good fortune to meet her or know her even a little bit.

I met Kelli only once on a sunny afternoon at the Sacajawea Park early last September with my two, young daughters (now ages 4 and 7).

I will always remember meeting Kelli because of the remarkable, genuine kindness she showed my two little girls that day.   We had just moved here to Indian Head Park less than a week prior and my daughters did not yet know anyone in the neighborhood.  Simply out of her own willingness to do so, Kelli took the time to spend much of that afternoon playing with them and making them feel welcome.

From what I have since heard and read about Kelli, I know it was just one of numerous acts of kindness she displayed towards others.

But to me, that day, as a father, with his little daughters, in a new place – it meant a lot, and I have never forgotten that day.   I have since recalled that experience with your wonderful daughter many times.

I was so impressed with her, and am forever grateful to her.



 Thank you Kelli for being who you were and who you still are!,  You have made your family so proud!

9 Months later Kelli and you are still shining and making a difference!  You had not missed your opportunity!  You have touched and made a difference in so many people’s lives.

We are carrying on where you have left off!  We might not be as great as you were, but believe me it is taking communities to continue where you left off!!

Kelli, I miss you dearly and wanted to make sure that you will be remembered forever!  On the top of the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska, I wrote out your name “Kelli” with rocks I found by the waterfall!    Our guide said your name will be there for the next 200-300 years!  He knows the story and will spread the “Joy” in Alaska.

Take care Baby!!

Love you and have never given up on you!!