Support Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Fund through Amazon Smile!

What is Amazon Smile?

Basically, Amazon Smile is a program that automatically donates a small portion of your purchase to your favorite charity.  Now, how small are we talking about?  0.50% of your purchase.  That really does not sound like much, but you have to remember that Amazon is huge.  They have billions flowing through their systems every year. They key for Amazon Smile working is you have to shop through instead of just going to

Here is where AmazonSmile wins.  You get to choose the charity where the donation is made.  Currently, AmazonSmile supports nearly one million non-profit organizations, including the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Fund.  You can select your favorite charity when you go to Amazon Smile and they will get a donation every time you make a purchase.  You can also change the charity before you check out if you want to spread the love around (Noooo!).

You don’t get to write off any donation because Amazon is the one making the donation.  I have read some people upset about this, but I am not sure why they can be. They aren’t even donating. They are just buying products like they normally would, but their favorite charity is benefiting.

Some Think AmazonSmile is Bad

Their logic is regarding how people think they are the ones doing the donating when they purchase through AmazonSmile, so they wont’ directly give to the charity.

If you think about the percentage Amazon gives, then if you wanted to donate $50 to your favorite charity, you would have to spend $10,000.  That is a lot of dough. Where I think these reviews are flawed is most of these people probably don’t give to charities in the first place.  They weren’t planning on giving their hard earned money to a charity, especially not related to the purchase on Amazon.  If you are going to purchase something on Amazon, then why not take the one second and switch to and then pick a charity. Then your purchase does give the charity a benefit.  These charities are now getting money where they weren’t before.  That is what AmazonSmile does.

PS. Amazon had over $74 billion in sales in 2013.  If everyone used AmazonSmile instead, then the donation amount would be over $370 million for no extra effort. I am sure those charities would appreciate that kind of cash influx. While I am not naive in thinking everyone is going to use AmazonSmile, just think of the scale which Amazon does reach.  Just a small portion can make a big difference with these charities.

I Now Shop Through AmazonSmile

I will continue to shop through AmazonSmile and give a small portion of my purchase to specific charities.  It doesn’t cost me anything.  It is easy to use and you are helping just a little bit when you buy stuff from Amazon.  Support Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Fund through Amazon Smile.  Remember though, you have to go to in order for a portion of your purchase to go to your favorite charity.  The above links pre-select our charity!