This was posted by Brenda to Facebook, on Thursday October 25 2012.  We lost Kelli on Thursday October 27, 2011 as she came home from school.


Kelli, my little Pumpkin!!

How I remember this day a year ago so well, to me it seems like yesterday! I was at work thinking about how we were going to have a four day weekend! Your father and I had parent teacher conferences in the evening which we were so excited to meet your teachers and learn how well you were doing in class! I know you had a concern about Accel Algebra because you might have received a “C” on your test! I know you thought that if you did have that “C” you would not be able to go to the bonfire on Friday! That never was the case as you had a “B”.

In two weeks we were to go on our annual trip to Disney with Bridgette to begin the start of our Holiday Celebrations! Remember how your father at the last minute would want to come, but yet he didn’t like Disney! How we would always chuckle!I was so excited that day driving home! The house was just cleaned, the lawn manicured and off for the next four days! Little did I know how things were going to change forever when I walked into the house! WOW has my life changed! Life has not been the same! Things that seemed so important before means little today!Your niece, Norah has turned 1!! Norah carries a picture of you and your brother Ryan around the house! They have not figured out why Norah has chosen that picture other than she knows that is her Aunt Kelli? Your twin cousins turned one! Remember how we visited Spencer and Max in the intensive care unit! Remember the pictures I had taken with you touching their little hands while we were in the Neonatal Care? It will be special to share the pictures with the twins when they get older!

Your Brother Daniel just got engaged in July to his wonderful fiancé Angela! I remember last June when Angela was at your eight grade Graduation Party and how much you adored her and she adored you!

And Bridgette, your sister has finally met someone that is a true gentleman! You never had the opportunity to meet Wes and I know you would have approved!! I know your Cousin Alexis really likes him!

Your grandpa’s Alzheimer’s continues to progress! It is sad as Grandma wants to talk to Grandpa about you and Grandpa can not comprehend!

The Community, your friends, the family etc. continue to be so supportive!! We have all been there for each other! Your memory will forever be kept alive! Kelli, I still receive letters and messages from people that knew you, did not know you etc.. on how you have touched as well have changed their lives to the better! Every time I receive a letter etc. on how you helped, touched or even just put a smile on someone’s face that day, I am so proud of you and yes you than put a smile on my face! I remember one time when I was sad and you came over took your two little fingers and gently touched my face and made that frown into a smile! I try everyday to keep that smile going thanks to you!

Everyone has done an amazing job with supporting the foundation to keep your memory alive! We are so excited with the run on November 11th “Run For Kelli”. There are people from all over to be in the Run!! Says a lot about you, Kelli!!

This Saturday, October 27th is the date that your life was taken!, this day will be special as there will be a dedication as well as a candlelight vigil in your memory at your park!! Somehow someway if you could give a sign letting us know you are there with us Saturday evening you would make everyone’s evening so complete!

You hear about miracles all the time, and if its true what is posted on the picture:
“The soul that sorrows is as dear to God as the young soul He has taken home!”

If God is so dear to us during this time, let a Miracle come to show us your fine!

Kelli, you will always be missed and never forgotten!!

I love and miss you more today than I did yesterday!