In all we had 38 applications from the class of 2014 at LTHS.  We had a very difficult time selecting these very deserving winners.  There were so many deserving applicants, we want to thank everyone who applied and encourage them to continue working toward their goals and making their community and consequently the world a better place.

And the winners are…

Margaret Schwartz, Natalie Ruffner and Megan Niedermeyer 

Margaret Schwartz. Maggie played tennis for four years and went to the state playoffs her senior year. Maggie recommendation from her Spanish teacher stunned us. Her teacher said Maggie was the most compassionate student she has taught in 7 years of teaching. Maggie’s spanish teacher was also Kelli’s teacher. Kelli loved her Spanish class and teacher her teacher, Amy. We met Amy several times before and since our loss of Kelli. In the recommendation, Amy detailed how Maggie though only 16 and also dealing with the loss of her classmate and team mate was able to help Amy through “the darkest time I ever been through”. While it’s not surprising that Amy was having trouble dealing with the loss of a student, it is amazing she credits Maggie in no small part to helping her through this period. Maggie is one of those rare people that deeply cares for others and can make a difference in people’s lives by being present. We see this quality in Maggie and believe it was also a defining characteristic of Kelli Joy.

Natalie Ruffer. Natalie played tennis for 4 years, and was on the gymnastics team for 3 years. One recommendation described Natalie’s service projects in the club at LT. These projects included Bemis Woods Restoration, Honor Flight Chicago, Lincoln Park Shelter trips and others. The second recommendation, from her gymnastics coach who awarded her the MVP of the JV team for her leadership and great attitude in setting an example for the team. Natalie’s essay focused on her volunteering work focusing on the Every Monday Matters group from Gurrie that goes to a Lincoln Park Homeless shelter and her volunteering in Honor Flight Chicago. Natalie’s involvement in many projects reminds us that everyone can make a difference in small ways. That involvement adds up to something important

Megan Niedermeyer. Megan’s volleyball coach wrote a glowing review of her leadership skills, her quiet confidence and her easy manner with which she represented LTHS. This reminds us of Kelli’s quiet confidence and her easy manner and joking nature with everyone. Megan’s second recommendation was from St. Francis Xavier coordinator of religious education. Megan held several roles within St. Francis. What shone through is Megan involvement in many activities outside of school. She chronicled almost 300 hours of community service over the four years at LTHS. Megan’s essay highlighted her many volunteer activities, involvement in sports and life at home with her three younger siblings. In each of these she gave us a peek into how she brought caring into her life and the world around her.

 Congratulations to our winners, we’re proud of you and are excited as you start the next step in your life, Best of Luck!

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