Thursday, May 25, 2017.

John and Brenda attended Hinsdale South scholarship presentation.  Today we recognize two KJO Memorial Scholars.  Here’s an excerpt from the presentation.

This year the Foundation’s Board & Kelli’s family is pleased to recognize two outstanding students here at Hinsdale South. Each Scholar receives a $1,500 annual scholarship renewable for four years.


Our first Recipient for the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship is Kwam’e Lipscomb.

Kwam’e Lipscomb is a very respected & appreciative young man. He spends weekends preparing food for destitute people at his church with his mom and will not think twice about helping others to succeed.

Kwam’e has given unlimited hours of volunteering at Church & at school to help others succeed. Kwam’e never thinks twice about putting others before himself. This young man reflects the spirit of Kelli.


Our second Recipient for the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship is Carl Rassi.

Carl comes from a family with 9 siblings and knows that one cannot take anything for granted. Thru his experiences of traveling to Jamaica, he realized he wasn’t there to build a house. But rather was working to become part of a village of hearing impaired. Carl realized that he didn’t have to build a house to help the people at the camp. Instead, he could simply smile or sign good morning and would receive the biggest grin you could possibly imagine.

Once Carl gave a bouquet to Cori, a senior, for her prom pictures and to see her smile from ear to ear. These small gestures are so powerful. We often forget how impactful a smile or a hand to someone in need can be. It is important to the Family, and the KJO Foundation our recipients understand the importance of keeping Kelli’s memory alive by spreading “JOY” and helping others.

As noted, Kwam’e and Carl are already spreading the “JOY” in Kelli’s memory! Congratulations to Kwam’e Lipscomb & Carl Rassi.