The Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Foundation gives to Children of Illinois Masonic Home and Maryville Academy homes  during the holidays.

In total we were able to provide presents to 62 children in four different facilities. Our first vist was close to home at the Illinois Masonic Home in Lagrange IL

Here’s a link to more pictures on our website.

Our second visit was to Maryville academy in Bartlett, this facility was for girls from approximately 15 to 20 years old.

Our third visit was to Maryville Academy in Des Plains, this facility is the main headquarters.  We visited a home for boys from approximately 15 to 20 years old.  We were asked to remove the pictures of individuals children from Maryville Academy as they are wards of the state.


Our final visit was the most challenging, small children from 1 to 6 years old in need of long term hospital care.  This was the Maryville Academy in Chicago. There is only one picture from this visit, and heart wrenching memories of these children hooked up to tubes and ventilators, being cared for by loving staff members.  Most of the children did not know we were there as they were mostly unconscious.  The staffed saved the presents for the children’s families to open.

Merry Christmas to all; Happy & JOYous New Year too!

Here’s a link to a Daily Heard article about our Holiday Giving.