May 22, 2015.

Speech given by Kelsey Corcoran, who conceived this award to honor her friend and fellow Highlands Graduate Kelli Joy O’Laughlin.

The Kelli O’Laughlin Memorial Award was created to recognize a student who exhibits similar traits to my friend Kelli. Kelli is remembered for her infectious smile, her spirit of optimism as well as her unwavering kindness toward everyone she encountered. Her award is presented to a student who shares these attributes;  a student who is cheerful, considerate and always willing to help others. Someone who tries their best in everything they do. Someone who will always go out of their way to be a friend. This years recipient is a kind, caring student who walks into every classroom with a desire to do her best and learn something new. No matter the situation, she always has a smile on her face, and is always willing to give others a helping hand.

We would like to present the 2015 Kelli O’Laughlin Memorial Award to Caitlyn Whelan