The first scholarship of 2019 was awarded to Trevor Owcarz of Downers Grove South HS.  This is the first time we have awarded a scholarship at Downers Grove South HS.

The value of this scholarship is $1,500 annually, renewable for 4 years. All recipients must maintain a B average in college. This is a category 1 scholarship.


For more information on the scholarship requirements and award values, please see our information page here. 

Sports and Activities in High School:

Trevor was actively involved in Downers Grove South high school.  He golfed for three years and was on the baseball team for one.  Beyond athletics, he had a major influence on the many clubs and activities throughout his four years.  He participated in the Mad Dash, Operation Snowball, Operation Snowflake, Unified, Mustang Way leaders and Blue Crew.  We applaud his efforts with all these clubs and know that being involved in these activities gives one a sense a purpose and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

Highlights from the Essay:

Trevor was also a physical education leader, which means every day he helps the teacher run the class.  Trevor worked with two sisters with special needs during class. He helped them understand and complete the exercise.  What attracted the attention of the committee is the story of him taking both of them to a dance and the impact that had on the girls and their family.  It was a beautiful and moving story.

Highlights from the Recommendations:

Here’s an excerpt from his counselor’s recommendation: “As a junior, he spearheaded a peaceful protest of gun violence in which nearly a third of our study body participated (in the wake of the Parkland shooting). He worked with a team of students to develop a broad vision in which students could connect. He worked our administration team to coordinate the protest and process how to move forward in the days and weeks afterward. Since the protest, the school has made significant security changes and part of that started with Trevor’s work. He often is invited to meetings with the superintendent of the district to discuss school safety and other topics. He is not the valedictorian or student council president but he is a voice of the student body.”   


Finally, another excerpt from his counselor’s recommendation about his golf game, which provides insight into his character. “Earlier this year Trevor was playing a golf match against an opponent that was not very good. His golf coach Mr. Christy observed Trevor helping his opponent, in the middle of the match, learn how to do a chip shot. Trevor did not know anyone was observing him. Trevor is the type of kid that genuinely wants to help others improve.”




For all these reasons, we have awarded Trevor one of the KJO Memorial Scholarships for 2019!  Congratulations!