Introducing Our Exceptional Scholarship Recipient – Lauren Schinker!

We are thrilled to announce Lauren Schinker as the newest recipient of the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship! Lauren, who attended Lyons Township HS, has demonstrated remarkable dedication, leadership, and compassion, making her a truly deserving recipient of this prestigious scholarship. Valued at $1,500 annually and renewable for four years, this scholarship recognizes Lauren’s outstanding achievements and commitment to academic excellence.

During her high school years, Lauren’s involvement in various activities showcased her diverse talents and passion for making a positive impact. She was an integral part of her high school’s softball team, actively participating for four years and extending her love for the sport through travel team softball. Lauren’s dedication and teamwork on the field were truly commendable.

But Lauren’s talents extended beyond athletics. She found her creative outlet in the theater, where she became a cast member in four plays and served on the Theater Board throughout her high school journey. Her involvement in the theater community highlighted her artistic abilities and showcased her commitment to the performing arts.

Lauren’s contributions extended beyond her involvement in sports and the arts. She actively engaged in various clubs and volunteer efforts within her community, including the Peer Leadership Committee and the Recycling Club. However, one of her most remarkable initiatives was the Pen Pal Program she developed in collaboration with The Leadershop.

Inspired by the isolation experienced by assisted living facility residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauren initiated the Pen Pal Program to connect young students with senior citizens at Plymouth Place. She meticulously organized and executed the program, coordinating matches, creating templates for letter-writing, and facilitating regular exchanges between the children and the residents. This heartwarming initiative brought joy to both the children and the senior citizens, forging meaningful intergenerational connections.

Lauren’s extraordinary dedication and compassion were recognized in a recommendation from The Leadershop. Her efforts in establishing the Pen Pal Program were described as exceptional, and the positive feedback from all involved emphasized the program’s success in reducing isolation and fostering friendships between the children and the senior citizens.

We are honored to welcome Lauren Schinker to the esteemed family of Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholars. Her unwavering dedication, compassion for others, and leadership skills embody the spirit of our foundation. Lauren’s future is bright, and we are excited to witness the positive impact she will continue to make in the world.

Please join us in congratulating Lauren Schinker on her outstanding achievements and well-deserved recognition as a Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship recipient!

Warmest congratulations, Lauren! Your remarkable accomplishments inspire us all.