We awarded the first KJO Memorial Scholarship of 2021 to Emily Stortz of LTHS. 


The value of this scholarship is $2,500 annually, renewable for 4 years. All recipients must maintain a B average in college.   

As shown above Emily and her parents receiving the scholarship at the O’Laughlin’s home.

Emily was directly admitted to the Purdue School of Nursing in the fall.



Sports and Activities in High School:

Emily ran cross country for four years and sang competitively 

Highlights from the Essay:

Emily explains her choice of careers in her scholarship introduction: “Because I had asthma as a child I spent many nights and visits with my favorite pediatric nurse, whom I grew to admire. I hope, with this scholarship, to follow in her footsteps by pursuing a degree in nursing to provide others the comfort and compassion she provided to my younger self.”

Rarely do we see a clear path laid out by a young person for their life.  We are pleased to help her on her way to caring for and helping others.  Here’s some more on her choice of nursing from her essay: “Because of my childhood asthma I visited my pediatrician’s office frequently and always requested Nurse Kathy to facilitate my tests. Like my mother, Nurse Kathy has remained as one of my many role models. I always have viewed her as the epitome of grace, kindness, and resourcefulness providing the same level of care to all her patients including me. With this scholarship, I plan to study nursing in order to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and wish to impact my young patients’ lives in the way that Nurse Kathy did to mine.

Highlights from the Recommendations:

Emily’s Calculus AP teacher wrote about her prowess as a student but then talked about her as a person.  These qualities will serve her well in pursuit of a Nursing career. “Emily is also a natural leader; she looks for ways to assist and encourage classmates, fostering respect among others in doing so. She will often help others with problems they don’t understand. She is always dedicated to the task at hand, exhibiting a strong sense of purpose. Emily demonstrates a commitment to excellence in all of life’s endeavors. It is clear that Emily has the character, ambition, and academic background to experience a bright future. ”