We awarded the eight KJO Memorial Scholarship of 2020 to Grace Kulat of LTHS.  


The value of this scholarship is $2,000 annually, renewable for 4 years. All recipients must maintain a B average in college.  This is a category 2 scholarship.  

For more information on the scholarship requirements and award values, please see our information page here. 

Sports and Activities in High School:

Grace was a four-year member of the Lacrosse team and a four-year member of the cheerleading team. Grace is also an active member of the Plymouth Fellowship youth group.

Highlights from the Essay:

This past summer, I met a woman named Rhonda who was experiencing homelessness. I sat with Rhonda for hours while she told me stories of her life and drank multiple cups of coffee. This is just one of the times where someone showed me compassion and caring. Through experiences like this, I have become a better person. People like Rhonda have taught me to constantly show compassion and caring even when you are going through a tough time. Rhonda doesn’t know it, but that conversation changed my life. Each day when I wake up, I have a choice to be kind and my personal goal is to try and brighten someone else’s day.

Highlights from the Recommendations:

As a member of her high school youth group, Plymouth Fellowship, Grace has participated in numerous local and national service projects. She has been to Feed My Starving Children to package food and San Lucas Church in Humboldt Park, IL to hand out Christmas gifts to children in need. She has also traveled the country with the group. She went to Washington DC to work in soup kitchens as well as Johns Island, SC to work for the Rural Mission painting and restoring homes for the elderly and underprivileged. She ventured to New Orleans to help rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina and this year she will be going to Albany, GA to work with children ad adults with disabilities. Through all of these activities, she has become a stronger, more mature individual who understands and appreciates life’s challenges, as well as gifts, at a level not usually found in someone her age.

We are happy to add Grace to the ranks of KJO Memorial Scholarship recipients for 2020. Congratulations!