We awarded the sixth KJO Memorial Scholarship of 2019 to Andrea Stirling of Hinsdale South.

This scholarship is $5,000 annually, renewable for 4 years with a total value of $20,000. The scholarship committee interviewed Andrea as a part of the category 3 scholarship process.  We were all delighted to meet her, she’s a dedicated athlete and caring young women.  All recipients must maintain a B average in college. This is a category 3 scholarship.

For more information on the scholarship requirements and award values, please see our information page here. 

Sports and Activities in High School:

Andrea was on the track team for four years and was a top 10 point scorer 3 years for the team.
She was also on the cheer team for all four years.  She won the sportsman award junior year.  In addition to being a two-sport athlete, she worked 20 hours a week as a senior.  She served on the student council for four years.

Highlights from the Essay:

Junior year Andrea was point flyer and team captain on the JV cheer team.  A shake-up on varsity cheer mid-season resulted in her being asked to move up.  She had a dilemma; stay on JV or move up?  She decided to work twice as hard, attend two sets of practices and be the flyer for both teams.  She went to ISHA state finals on varsity cheer that year!

Highlights from the Recommendations:

Here’s a quote from one recommendation: “Beyond the countless hours she spends at practice, she … help(s) her team work on their skills. Whether it’s organizing extra sprinting practices or checking in on flyers on the cheer team to make sure they are stretching, she makes the team goals her goals. She understands the importance of a team succeeding together and always wants to collaborate to create a stronger group.”

Here’s another recommendation: “Andrea actually enjoys the PROCESS of learning and doesn’t just see it as a chore, and she was extremely teachable because she actually WONDERS about to world, rather than just accepting things the way they are.

I know that Andrea has become an integral part of our Hinsdale South community as well. She is a member of our Peer Leadership Network, welcoming new students and helping with community events, a class secretary, and both a track and cheer captain.”

For all these reasons we welcome Andrea as a  KJO Scholarship recipient for 2019!