Brenda and I held a Candle Light Vigil on Saturday Oct 27,2012.  Exactly one year after we lost Kelli.  We love her and miss her.  500 people attended the vigil and made it special for all of us.

Speakers List for the evening:

John O’Laughlin – Introduction and Welcome

Lou Mini – Kelli welcomes his family to the neighborhood

Indian Head Park Mayor Richard Andrews on dedicating the Kelli’s Playground

Josie Dunne sings Somewhere over the Rainbow

Kelli’s friends who fundraised for the bench

Kelsey Corcoran, Caitlin Bresnahan, Elyse Campion, Ariah Palter, Stefanie Lerner,
Maddy Brennen, Anna Hoffman, Kara Ferguson, Daiga Cers, Britta Shockley

Bridgette Douglas, Kelli’s sister

Celine Marie Allan sings  “Tell Me Why”.
Original music she wrote with her father about Kelli.

Anna Hoffman reads a poem “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me” by David Romano

Mark Gomez a friend and classmate of Kelli’s

Isabella Tenorio-Bucci Signs “Hallelujah”

Tori Lambert reads a memory of the day we lost Kelli.

Patricia Dart provides the impression from a Mom that sees Kelli’s effects but never met her.

Brenda O’Laughlin, Kelli’s Mom speaks from her heart.

Kelli’s Highlands Classmates sing “For Good” from the play Wicked.

Links to Articles describing the evening:

Family and Friends Remember Kelli O’Laughlin

Indian Head Park gather to remember gaurdian angel Kelli O’Laughlin

Picture album from Lyons Township High School (LTHS) newspaper.  They compiled the video too.