Scholarship Recommendation Details

This page is for Teachers, Coaches, and Community Leaders to provide recommendations for students applying for the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship.  Please know how important your recommendation is for the students.  We look closely at these since you know these students and have some insight into their character, skills, and compassion.

The deadline for the scholarship recommendation is Friday, February 26, 2021 (10 PM).  

Keep in mind, recommendations are only accepted via this website.

Please have the students’ name and email address as they have submitted it on their application.  This will make it easier to match the application with the recommendations during the review process.

  • Once submitted you can not come back and make changes.
  • You may re-submit a recommendation for a student if you made an error or omission.
  • We notify the student via email (to the address you enter) when this form is submitted.
    We do not disclose any details of the recommendation you submit to the student.


The Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship remembers Kelli Joy O’Laughlin, a 2011/2012 freshman at Lyons Township HS. Kelli was an avid tennis player, a runner, and a member of the tennis team.  Her life was taken on October 27, 2011, when she interrupted a burglary in her home.  We wish her to be remembered for kindness, her smile, her laugh and her love of life.

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